The Harvest

by Stoned Jesus

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Nathan Rosenquist
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Nathan Rosenquist A perfectly refreshing mix of garage-style stoner rock and doom, oscillating back and forth between the two with several other influences thrown in for taste. Really digging these guy's refusal to fully commit to any of the genres they draw from, instead using the best parts of each to create an addictive, chord-heavy head-banging stoner amalgamation that will hook you in at some point, one way or another. Favorite track: Here Come the Robots.
Carsten Grossmann
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Carsten Grossmann Yum! Ukrainian trio making one hell of a ruckus. Each track a favorite, for the album kicks of with straightforward motorcycle music to slam you into the sunset at full speed. As the ride continues into the night things get progressively weirder, darker and slower. But no less rocking. Oh it's Harvest time allright... Favorite track: Here Come the Robots.
mark hicko
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mark hicko Started listening when Seven Thunder Roar came out. This album is incredible, more of what I already liked and more, incredible sound Favorite track: Rituals of the Sun.
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Produced by Knob & Stoned Jesus

Igor Sydorenko - vocals, guitars, Hammond organ, occasional keyboards and percussion
Sergii Sliusar - bass, FX, drummachine, backing vocals
Viktor Kondratov - drums, percussion, backing vocals

The Uninvited Guest aka Alex Ditch - more backing vocals for track 2!
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergeii "Knob" Lubinsky at Zvukoceh and Revet Sound, Kyiv, November 2013 - January 2015
Keyboards recorded at Lipky Zvukozapys, Kyiv, 2014
Artwork by David M Cook


released February 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Stoned Jesus Ukraine


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Track Name: Here Come the Robots

Yet another proposition I don't want this anymore
I'm getting away, getting away myself
In this breeding game I see no point and I don't want to score
This prison made, prison made (by) myself

Here Come the Robots

Yet another resolution still don't want this anymore
I'm getting away, getting away myself
In this breeding game I lost control and I don't want to score
This prison made, prison made (by) myself

Here Come the Robots
Track Name: Wound

Getting outta my cage, feeling fluids of rage
Coming onto the stage where the show is on
Waiting for the hurray, wasting another day
Comes the mutual abuse, we don't need an excuse
Like the dogs on the loose we go swinging on
Now the bruises are shown, you'll be never alone

All these words unspoken leave another wound

Trying to open my mouth, but the words don't come out
Even silence's too loud in this altered state
Tired to keep it in, you are my phantom limb
Now the balance is down, he is wearing my crown
I can't say what I found, it would hurt us all
And the harder his struck is the deeper you stuck

All these words unspoken leave another wound
All these resolutions leave too many wounds
Track Name: Rituals of the Sun

Voices from the Past, buried in the dust
Wisdom that we knew so true
Buried in our grief, blessing the belief
Worship to the stars and Mars

Wisdom that we hide, bury deep inside
Waiting for the day to come
Waiting for the sign to commit in time
Rituals of the Sun as one

Rise up and fight for your Kingdom!
Stand up and fight for your King!
Track Name: YFS

Standing in line with the other fools
Hoping to get your share
Never wondering who made up all these rules
Like you don't even care
Thought you could have been useful, a helping hand
Bringer of the amends
But for the people in your land
It doesn't make any sense

Rolling the dice, pulling all the threads
Getting away as the wasteland spreads
They've given you every chance to fail
All I see now is Youth for Sale

Now they're firing their guns, righteous words being said
And no time left to think
Your ignorance serves as your price to pay
Learn to swim now or sink
Feeding brothers with hatred, they're selling lies
Buying crowds for a song
But with the fire you've found inside
You could stand on your own

Poison is boiling in brainwashed minds
But eye for an eye makes the world go blind
Carry your cross, don't forget the nails
All I see now is Youth for Sale

How much would you charge for the concept
Of society that is equal for all
How much you'd give for an idea
Of no media and no control
How much would you offer
To fulfill their continious greed
I'm not buying
I'm not buying
Track Name: Silkworm Confessions

Last night was a bummer, can't remember it at all
Stoned and dethroned I was falling down the hole
Loaded I hit the road to reach the point of no return

Gather the stones
Hunted from up above
Saved by the ones below

Angels on my shoulders took me higher to the space
Sweating, pirouetting, vanishing without a trace
Knowledge from the stone age 'till these years have lifted me up

I flew like runaway rocket, I spun like lost acrobat
Torn from all I have I had to choose from very start
Caught in endless trip I kissed the lips of every god

Harvest of souls
Rising from down below
Now you're The One Who Knows

Oh rip The Harvest on your own
You're reaching the secrets of life
As you feel the water crawls

Oh rip The Harvest on your own
You're playing with the essence of being
As you feel the water crawls
Track Name: Black Church

Worn and confused, miserable man
You've got your blues, routine and pain
You found your sanctuary, a house on the hill
You got no doubts now and you never will

Now when you're here, leave all behind
Cliches and fears of common mind
You searched for freedom, a place serene
We've got to offer what you've never seen

The path of life had gone astray
Ruin and decay
Devoid of sins, nothing to lose
Not knowing what to choose
Your soul is lost, you're not the one
You don't know what you've done
The undertaker lights his torch
Welcome to Black Church!